A cookie is a small text file that some websites send to the user’s hard drive when visiting the site. A cookie may contain information such as a user ID that the site uses to control the visited pages, but the only personal information that a cookie may contain are those provided by the user himself. A cookie can not read the data on the user’s hard disk or read the cookies created by other sites. Some areas of the website use cookies to record how users surf the site.

If you do not want to receive cookies while browsing the site, you can schedule your browser to be warned before accepting cookies and refusing cookies when the browser warns you of cookies. The user can also reject all cookies by deactivating them in their browser, even though this way the user would not be able to fully benefit from the site’s benefits. In particular, you may be asked to accept cookies to make certain transactions on the web site, but you do not have to accept all cookies to use / browse in many areas of the site.



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Questo sito utilizza i cookie per fornire la migliore esperienza di navigazione possibile. Continuando a utilizzare questo sito senza modificare le impostazioni dei cookie o cliccando su "Accetta" permetti il loro utilizzo.